Public Involvement and consultation on Veterinary Drugs India

Veterinary Drugs regulation is popular activity that supports health of animals and food supply safety worldwide. In the last few years, significant improvements have been made inside Veterinary Drugs regulation program to make it more effective and valuable for human beings. The framework will explain how Veterinary Drugs can be regulated across various animal species and food supply safety. The framework is perfect approach maintaining safety standards for humans and animals and also includes food supply safety throughout the life cycle of product.

Veterinary Drugs India

What are the key features of Veterinary Drugs India regulation program?

  • It includes all important data related to Veterinary Drugs India either it is benefits, harms or future scope of the product

  • It will reduce unnecessary burden from experts

  • Life cycle integration approach to Veterinary Drugs regulation

  • International alignment enhancement

  • The framework will also support innovation and growth in future

  • Two technical sessions with stakeholders to explain detailed Veterinary Drugs regulatory modernization

Objective of Technical Session

The main objective of training sessions is to bring together stakeholders, health prodders, end users, manufacturers and exporters. All experienced people will discuss about main points highlighted in regulation program. The discussion will also help in recognizing problem areas where improvements can be made. The continuous involvement of stakeholders will surely help in bringing out positive outcomes.

Technical documentation

A series of questions has already been prepared for different topics what need to discuss with stakeholders. The documentation will cover purpose of discussion, main problems areas and relevant improvements. The organizers commit clear and transparent public involvement during discussion for fruitful decision making and quality outcome.

Veterinary Drugs manufacturers can also participate in the discussion. The Veterinary Drugs regulation problem will be surely helpful for manufacturers and exporters worldwide.