Use of Potassium Citrate in pharmaceutical and Food Industries

Be it pharmaceuticals or food companies, potassium citrate greatly play a helpful role in our lives. It is an important ingredient in such companies, and potassium citrate manufacturers produce it by combining potassium bicarbonate or potassium carbonate with a citric acid solution. The substance is white in color and in the form of a hygroscopic, crystalline powder. It is salty in taste and has no odor which makes it excellent to use as an acidity regulator or a preservative. Apart from food and pharmaceutical industries, potassium citrate is also widely used in beverages, medical use, alkaline agents or even diuretics.

Potassium Citrate India

Food Production

Potassium citrate is greatly used in food production as an acidity regulator or a preservative. It is also a naturally found chemical in fruits such as prunes, avocados, bananas and raisins to mention a few. Beans, baked potatoes, mushroom, fish, yoghurt and chicken are also good sources of potassium. However, potassium citrate is added as an additive to processed food such as fish products, cheese, different kinds of syrups, pasteurized dairy products, breakfast cereals and cheese. It is also present in other food items such as processed meats, bakery items, sugar and salt substitutes, seasonings, packaged soups and foods, condiments, pastas and candies.

Beverage Production

Potassium citrate is used equally in all kinds of beverage production such as hot beverages, baby formula, milk-based drinks, alcoholic beverages and energy drinks. It is used as an acidity regulator in sauces and jellies and as am emulsifier in ice creams, juice and dairy products for the smooth and creamy texture.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Potassium citrate is used in the medical industry in the form of medication, generally recommended for kidney patients. Potassium citrate tablets help to reduce the amount of acid in urine, which in turn prevents gout and kidney stones. It can also help treat metabolic issues such as acidosis, which is caused by a kidney disease. Potassium citrate can also be used to treat high blood pressure by using it as a diuretic or a phlegm agent. It is also used as an alkalizing agent to treat mild urinary infections, or cystitis.

It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions and maintain a low-sodium diet with lots of fluid when taking a potassium citrate medication.

Cosmetic Industry

Potassium citrate is used as a preservative in many cosmetic and personal products such as in baby products, lotions and moisturizers, makeup products such as lipsticks, hair dyes and colors, hair and skin products and bathing products. It is commonly used in oral care products as an agent to reduce teeth sensitivity and other dental problems.

Cleansing Agent

Replacing trisodium phosphate, potassium citrate is a natural and eco-friendly detergent in many industries. It is good for its cleansing properties to a great extent, even in domestic use. Potassium citrate is also used as retarder in concrete to improve its mechanical properties for construction purposes.

Therefore, potassium citrate is used both as a chemical and an important product of the industry. However, potassium citrate manufacturers must maintain the quality of their product for consumer purposes. Likewise, we consumers must know the proper use of potassium citrate for best results as well. Therefore, we must take utmost care when using potassium citrate for any purpose.



Why Sodium citrate dihydrate is becoming so popular?

Sodium citrate dihydrate with chemical formula C6H5Na3O7.2H2O is a consolidated base of the weak acid. It is obtained from combining the two molecules of water with the sodium salt of citric acid. It is used as a biological buffering agent, as it is can withstand changes in pH during any chemical reaction. Sodium citrate dihydrate is also known as citric trisodium salt dihydrate and trisodium citrate dihydrate. Derived from citric acid, it is available in granular form and is odorless and tastes salty. It is highly soluble in water and partially in moist air, but insoluble in alcohol. Sodium citrate dihydrate is a non-toxic and neutral salt, which is very low reactive. If it is preserved in favorable conditions, it reflects chemical stability in a great way.

Sodium citrate dihydrate manufacturers India

Preparation of Sodium Citrate Dihydrate

It is highly bio-degradable and can be disposed of with the normal sewage process. It is prepared by neutralizing the citric acid with the highly pure sodium carbonate or hydroxide, accompanied by crystallization. Sodium citrate dihydrate can be categorized into monosodium citrate, trisodium citrate, and disodium citrate.

Uses of Sodium Citrate Dihydrate

Sodium Citrate Dihydrate is used in food industry as a flavoring agent and preservative. The consumption of the compound is considered as safe when consumed in restricted quantities. The other uses of the compound are as follows:

  • The pharmaceutical industry, in order to prevent changes in pH.
  • Buffering agent.
  • Emulsifying agent.
  • Alkalizing agent.
  • Sequestering agent.
  • Flavor enhancer.

Applications of Sodium citrate dihydrate

  • Sodium citrate dihydrate is used as an emulsifying salt in processed cheese items. It is amalgamated with citric acid in order to offer exact pH control that is required for the applications in food and beverage industry.
  • Most of the citrus or lime soft drinks utilize citric acid as an enhancer of tangy and zesty flavor. It also helps in maintaining the acidity level of the fruit juices. However, when citric acid is conjugated with sodium citrate dihydrate, it is capable of maintaining the flavor of the soft drinks without increasing the tanginess.
  • Sodium citrate dihydrate helps in adding a tangy flavor to the medicines, which diminishes the foul taste of the medicine.
  • Sodium citrate dihydrate is the sequestering agent that helps in removing the hardness of water and increases the cleaning action of a surfactant.
  • In order to make the urine less acidic in nature, sodium citrate dihydrate is consumed in the form of medicine. When the urine is less acidic in nature, the kidneys are able to discard amino acid from the body easily. This result in the prevention of gout, kidney stones, and a few diseases related to kidney malfunction.


Sodium citrate dihydrate is the finest compound that has numerous utilities. It is not a part of the main ingredient in any industry but helps in the successful completion of the reactions. Sodium citrate dihydrate is segregated according to the various manufacturing processes. Most of the countries promote the production of the chemical in huge quantity, in order to meet the increasing chemical demands in a cost-effective way.

How to choose the best veterinary for animal treatment?

When you welcome a lovely pet to your family, you become responsible for his food, nutrition, care, safety and health. Hence, you need to bank on a stellar vet which would certainly not come by an accident. Additionally, you also need to be in communication with leading veterinary drug manufacturers to serve you with good quality medicines. With so many vets around the city, choosing the top one can be overwhelming. Here are some hacks to guide you towards choosing the best vet for your pet.

Veterinary Drug

Have a brief communication

Since the pet is a member of your family, everyone should have a say. Get your family together over a small meeting and gather everyone’s thoughts on what key qualities should you look for in a vet. List down your queries, qualities and question to make a confident choice.


Investigate the vet’s educational background, qualification and professional experience. Make sure the hospital or clinic has an accreditation from a recognised body and has the right approval for carrying out the treatment. Even if you find many hospitals to have the membership or approval, it does not mean it would ensure a high level of care. So, make the choice judiciously.

Professionalism and philosophy

Have a brief chat with the vet with prior appointment to find how he responds to your queries. Do his answers mesh with your thoughts? Do you think you have chosen someone with whom you can communicate well?

Medical services and equipments

Do bear in mind that a leading hospital will have access to USG, X-ray, dentistry, IV pumps, lab tests, eye pressure test and blood pressure monitoring. The vet clinic should be able to product lab test reports with quick turnaround time. Also, the medical supplies should be from a well known manufacturer and the facilities and equipments should be of top quality.

Specialised treatment

Does your pet needs any specific treatment? Does the vet clinic have that? Make sure that you enquire the fields of health care which your pet needs specifically. At least, the vet must be able to refer to the required specialists.

Interactive nature

Have a perceptive eye to watch out how the vet interacts with the animals. Good behaviour is above all care! Introduce your pet to the vet in a friendly way and see how it goes. Make sure to understand if your pet project energy around the vet and find if he is comfortable enough.

Convenient hours

Ensure that the vet clinic stays open in the convenient hours and is reachable when you are in urgent need.

Assistants and technicians

Besides the vet, his technicians and assistants also matter a lot for proper pet care. Are they sensitive and knowledgeable enough? Do not forget to ask about their years of experience as the most potent ones with dedication tend to be in practice for long.

Alongside the above factors, the top veterinary drugs manufacturers will lead you to count upon the best vet for your pet.

Trend of social media in pharmaceutical industries

Social media is an ideal platform for pharmaceutical industries to daily connect with the national and international market. Pharmaceutical industries are using social media channels to connect with new people and easy communication with customers and pharma product promotion.

social platform for pharma industries

In the global world market, there are billion of people are active in social media and millions of people are daily login with different social media site (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin). The great benefits of using social media is to direct communicate with sales person, customers and companies.

Social media is a great platform for pharma companies to create attention about illnesses and therapies, build brand attention, medical test enrolment, etc.

In real time, pharmaceutical digital marketing groups can take part and interact with their target markets and also they have increased their reliability, improve their authenticity. Today, many people are daily connecting with pharmaceutical drugs and api manufacturer firms through social media and get treatment suggestion form pharma expert and also follow the new medical update that share in social media.

Globally, there is up to 34% to 40% doctors to provide the customer support to their patients through social networking systems.

Why pharmaceutical companies are afraid of using social media?

  • For Common Argument
  • Legal issues and violations
  • Misinterpreted advice
  • Publicized product complaints

Strategies of using social media

  • Essential components of any social media strategy
  • The right useful content
  • Extensive analytics
  • A properly trained combination efficient team
  • Significant contribution & user engagement
  • An incorporated technique with community guidelines

The growth of social networking is intensely impacting multi-channel changes. Pharmaceutical promotion teams should use a digital content strategy together with an advertising and promotion automated platform to adjust for changing patient and payer choices and programs.

Pharma industries were active across public networks

Pharmaceutical industries are active on top social networking sites with the the greater part of companies choosing YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook Linkedin and Tweets. Linkedin and Facebook both are the most preferred public networking sites with a 100% presence. Only few companies have a name on Instagram, which makes it the least recommended social network.

pharmaceutical bulk drugs

For more information about how much social media is helpful to pharmaceutical bulk drugs manufacturers and exporters, a contact to pharmaceutical SM expert.

Oleoresin exporters in India outsourcing best products for global clients

Oleoresin Paprika is natural food coloring agent that is usually extracted from lipid plants or red pepper sweet plants. There are different industries where Oleoresin is utilized like sausage, seasoning or snacks etc. Paprika is slight reddish orange and when it is added with different food items then it gives wonderful color to enhance overall look of food items.

Oleoresin exporters in India

In global market, there are plenty of Oleoresin exporters but not everyone offer worth products to their clients. This is our duty to decide on right manufacturer or supplier having positive reputation in market and selling quality products only at most reasonable prices.  Most of the API manufacturers deal in special chemicals or herbal extracts like Oleoresin Paprika.

Clients need to check Company vision, mission, product lines, experience and how they cater different industry requirements. The suppliers who are ranked higher are always considered on priority than other similar manufacturers. Also check how raw materials have been sourced that make their products more usable for industrial application worldwide.

Oleoresin has natural color enhancing properties that can be stored up to 18 months or more. This is available in white powder form with slight odor. This can also be used inside poultry to feed chicken for dark yellow eggs that looks natural as usual. The uses of Oleoresin Paprika are just endless and its exporters too. But the question is where to get high reliable products that suits your needs the most.

Oleoresin exporters India

There are different Oleoresin exporters in India and their details are easily available online. You just have to find the right manufacturers or suppliers who can assure ultra grade quality products in your budget. You should also check review or feedback of suppliers before making any final purchase.

Oleoresin Paprika – Most natural and popular food color agent

Oleoresin Paprika is natural coloring agent that is used to enhance coloring of food articles to deep red color. This color is generally available in liquid form and contains fatty acids too. Oleoresin is prepared from capsicum plant and extracted from plant fats, lipids or pigments etc. This is called natural coloring agent as it is prepared from natural substances only.

This paprika is usually used for fast food, Indian dishes, seasoning, sausage etc. It gives natural color and 100 percent safe in use. This is approved by health experts as it does not contain any harmful chemical substances. Its ability to add natural red color to food makes food spicy, delicious or demanded.Oleoresin Paprika - natural coloring agent

Oleoresin paprika exporters in India

Paprika is prepared with different natural colors and dyes, so it gives amazing color or shade to varied compounds or materials. According to research team, more red color it gives to food items more rating given to Paprika. The grading for Paprika may vary from 60 to 160 that are suitable for different food articles.

This was observed that overall life span of paprika is also higher and it can be stored up to 18 months or more without any damage. After 18 months, Paprika may start losing its chemical properties and it starts becoming slightly faded with different odor. Tests should also be made on Paprika to check capability of product. This product is largely suitable to prepare sausages, juices, cheese or other food items especially in marriages or parties. If you see any particular food article in pretty orange and red color then most of them are processed with Paprika.

You have to extra carefully about quantity of oleoresin paprika otherwise color may become deep that will spoil the whole dish and results will be annoying. Other than Paprika, there are many artificial techniques for coloring food items that are not safe in use and cause food poisoning too. SO it would be great to use natural color agent only to increase overall appearance and lifespan of different food articles.

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Piperazine derivative for different medical purposes

Piperazine is most commonly used in drugs and there are many useful differentiated Piperazine derivatives used for the different purposes of medicinal society. Name of Piperazine is originated from name of piperidine due to the similarity in the chemical properties.

There is almost the same substance framework if Piperazine with piperine. Piperazine can’t be said it is as a derivative of piper nigrum because it is not a derivative of the black pepper plant.

There are several different uses of the Piperazine drugs and their derivatives. There are different molecular structure with every derivative and this used for different purposes. Some of the most common used Piperazine derivatives are as follows:

Piperazine Derivative

As Antianginals: Some of the derivatives of Piperazine are used as antianginals. They are very popular and used every medicinal society.

Trimetazidine, Ranolazine

As Antidepressants: There are lots of societies in the medical field in which we use several drugs as antidepressants. They control our nervous system and thus have capability to make us relax and calm. Commonly used Piperazine derivative as antidepressants are:

Befuraline, Amoxapine, Flesinoxan, Buspirone, Trazadone, Zalospirone, Piberaline, Tandospirone, Nefazadone, Gepirone, Ipsapirone, Vilazodone

As Antihistamines: there are many activities in regular life in which we get contaminated and some allergic reaction happened with us. In such conditions and situations, antihistamines are useful and necessary to help us. These chemicals and their derivatives are useful to fulfill such aspects for us. Some of the common antihistamines are:

Cetirizine, Cinnarizine, Hydroxyzine, Buclizine, Cvclizine, Levocetirizine, Niaprazine

As Antipsychotics: antipsychotics are used in various operational activities to cure the patients and Piperazine derivatives are very useful in this aspect.

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